10 Easy Ways To Revamp Your Old Shoes

10 Easy Ways To Revamp Your Old Shoes


                 Everyone has there favorite pair of shoes, actually some people has more than one pair. When they get old and out of fashion we won’t feel right to throw them out. For those, Instead of throw them out we can try these simple DIY ideas to turn your old shoes fashionable and look better. 

                 You can try these simple ideas or you can try your own ideas after watching my post you will get a idea of revamping old shoes. 

1. DIY Idea For Floral Wedges – Source  

2. DIY Origami Bow Shoe Clips – Source  


3. DIY Dolce & Gabbana Gold Jewel Embelished Shoes – Source  

4. DIY Beaded Flip-Flops – Source 

5. Neon flats DIY – Source  

6. Revamping Old Heels With Embroidery – Source  

7. DIY Polka Dot Shoes – Source 

8. Shoes Makeover Lace Heels – Source  

9. Boho Chic Style Gladiator Sandals – Source  

10. DIY Flamingo Shoes – Source  


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